Professor Shyam J. Kamath, PhD
College of Business and Economics,
California State University, Hayward


Management 4670/6710E




Chapter 1-1
Chapter 1-2
Chapter 2-1
Chapter 2-2
Chapter 2-3
Chapter 3-1
Chapter 3-2
Chapter 3-3
Chapter 4-1
Chapter 4-2
Chapter 5-1
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Chapter 6-1
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Chapter 7-1
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Economics 3551/2301


Managerial Economics: An Introduction
Managerial Demand and Supply Analysis
Quantitative Demand Analysis
The Production Process and Costs
Costs and the Supply of Goods: The Business Firm
The Organization of the Firm
The Nature of Industry
The Firm under Pure Competion
Monopoly and High Barriers to Entry
Monopolistic Competition: Price Searchers
Oligopoly: Price Searcher Markets
Pricing Strategies for Firms with Market Power
Business Structure, Antitrust and Legislation


Choice and Life: The Economics of Abortion
Choosing Crime
Sex, Booze and Drugs
The High Cost of Getting Sick
A Random Walk down Wall Street
The Competitive Advantage of Nations
Water, Water everywhere, nor any drop to drink?

Case Studies

Avon Corporation
Cable Wars
Graduate Student Fee Differentials in California Public Higher Education
California Water Pricing
The Department of Transportation and Airport Landing Slots
Harley Davidson- A and B
Northwest/Republic Airlines Merger
Competitive Bypass of PG & E
Rescission of the Passive Restraints Standard
The Urban League and the Youth Subminimum Age